Care of your Agúd products

We have always produced with respect:
Reconnecting with nature, getting inspired by it to create pieces with unique designs.
Using high quality materials, all natural leather. And thus giving life to the discard of another industry. That's called upcycling.
In small quantities, so that there is no excess that becomes waste to be recycled. And for your design to show only you.
Making by hand, with specialized people, connecting their knowledge with what they do from the heart.

Leather protection
For greater protection of our products, we recommend initially protecting them with colorless silicones.

Do not wash in washing machines, or store the product in humid places.

leather rescue
In the event of spillage, immediately blot up the liquid with a clean cloth.

Do not rub.

Do not dry in the sun or in a tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the material.